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Stiff Little Fingers Gets Down and Dirty At The Fillmore in San Francisco, California on May 21, 2024



On May 21, 2024 I headed down to San Francisco, California. This time it was to The Fillmore to catch Ricky Warwick and Stiff Little Fingers on the stage. This legendary lineup was lined up for bear tonight and we were all in attendance.

Solo artist Ricky Warwick gripped his Gretsch acoustic guitar and played a Thin Lizzy track and a Black Star Riders track as well. He had the audience jamming as he worked through his set. He played the entire set solo and it rocked.  Starting his set with “The Arms of Belfast Town,” he played the guitar through the set stopping from time to time to tell stories about life. From stories about Burnt Lemonade to getting into music, and to having his sister buy him his first album, Inflammable Material which was released in 1979 by Stiff Little Fingers. He also had everyone be the drummer for a Black Star Riders song, “Kingdom of the Lost” and finishing up with Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”, his set was perfect for this crowd, and the crowd echoed it back.


Follow Ricky Warwick band members: 

Ricky Warwick – guitar, vocals




1). The Arms of Belfast Town

2). The Killer Instinct  (Black Star Riders song)

3). Fighting Heart

4). The Whiskey Song

5). When Patsy Cline Was Crazy (And Guy Mitchell Sang the Blues)

6). Jailbreak  (Thin Lizzy song)

7). Celebrating Sinking

8). Bound for Glory  (Black Star Riders song)

9). Kingdom of the Lost  (Black Star Riders song)

10). Schwaben Redoubt

11). Ace of Spades (Motorhead cover)


When Stiff Little Fingers appeared on stage,  the crowd exploded. Starting with the anthem “Suspect Device” the crowd went nuts and never settled down. The fourth song was their latest, “Hate Has No Home Here” and was the key song of the tour. The song was tight and fresh and all Stiff Little Fingers. The next song, was a Bunny Wailer song called “Roots Radics, Rockers, Reggae”, and they nailed it.  The next song on the list was “Silver Lining”  with a little info about the down-and-out UK scene of the early 80s (and now) and how it has kept pace with what is going on today. 

After a couple more songs, they broke into The Specials “It Doesn’t Make It Alright” which came out before The Specials version even though they wrote it. Toward the end of the evening, the band played a stunning tribute to Joe Strummer introducing “Strummerville”. It was touching knowing that he touched so many many lives while he was here. From there they ventured off into two old tunes, “Nobody’s Hero” and  “Tin Soldiers” which ramped everyone up again. They ended the set with “Gotta Gettaway”. But no, Stiff Little Fingers came back on stage for a double shot of awesomeness with “Barbed Wire Love” and “Alternative Ulster” to round out the set. 

If you missed the show, you are too late. According to the bill, this was to be, unfortunately, Stiff Little Fingers’ last US tour. The solo events, festival dates, and such are on. So, hopefully, they will return someday.   


Follow Stiff Little Fingers band members: 

Jake Burns – lead vocals, guitar

Ali McMordie – bass

Ian McCallum – guitar

Steve Grantley – drums




1). Suspect Device

2). State of Emergency

3).Fly the Flag

4). Hate Has No Home Here

5). Roots, Radics, Rockers, Reggae (Bunny Wailer cover)

6). Silver Lining

7). Love of the Common People  (John Hurley cover)

8). Just Fade Away

9). Doesn’t Make It Alright (The Specials cover)

10). At the Edge

11). My Dark Place

12). Wasted Life

13). Get a Life

14). Strummerville

15). Nobody’s Hero

16). Tin Soldiers

17). Gotta Gettaway


18). Barbed Wire Love

19). Alternative Ulster






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