jakub | May 13, 2023

The Desert Hearts Fashion Show

Desert Hearts was a long-awaited music festival for me. As I am discovering my love for this music genre, I couldn’t wait to step foot into one of the most talked about house and tech fests here in CA. With the recent change in venue, I had some doubts. *Ellie also attended this festival. Check out her recap!

Everyone I’ve talked to has always talked about how great of an experience it is to camp with fellow like-minded music lovers. Unfortunately, we did not get that this year. What we DID get was a memorable experience at the LA Coliseum that is really making a comeback and bringing it back to the original rave/festival roots we all remember in the early 2000s. The perfect backdrop, enough space for everyone to dance the night away, a veteran-based crowd that was refreshing, and some of the BEST DRESSED individuals I’ve ever seen gathered in one place!

Let’s talk about that a little. I can’t say I’ve ever been to a fest where 99% of the people are dressed the way they were here at DH. The imagination! The razzle dazzles! The sequins and glitter were EVERYWHERE!! If you’re ever in need of any festival outfit inspo, all you have got to do is come here. It felt like a big fashion show, which probably makes sense as to why there was actually a fashion show on site! The vendor lineup did not disappoint either and fit right in with the theme and extravagance of the attendees, selling some pretty badass and one-of-a-kind pieces that I’ve never really seen being sold at your regular music fest.

Stages and Art

The stages here at Desert Hearts were one of a kind, colorful and vibrant.  I felt like I was seeing some of the stages put on at Playa or those desert raves in AZ I used to attend that went on till 10 am. I will say, that for the location I had imagined bigger and newer stages, but I imagine that due to the venue change being so last minute, it was hard to make major changes. This also included spaces for live artists and art installations. I feel these were a bit out of place seeing as some live painters were kind of put in the very back where their art was not able to be admired. As if you had to choose between sitting and watching art come to life or being close to the music and people vibing. I wish they had been more intermixed. The best perk of the VIP area was the AMAZING views of the actual stadium. It offered a few pillows scattered throughout the floor, great lighting for pictures, and one pretty cute bar were all it offered.

All in all, I’d say it was a good experience for my first time attending. There were a few things that I would say need a little tweaking but understand the las minute circumstances might of played into all of it. I’m really hoping it goes back to the desert next year and I’m able to see it in all its glory.

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