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In the electrifying realm of thrash metal, where the sonic assault knows no bounds, an epic event, two years in the waiting, took place at the legendary Danforth Music Hall. The Klash of the Titans Tour brought together four powerhouse bands—Kreator, Sepultura, Death Angel, and SpiritWorld—for an unforgettable night of concussive rhythms and raw aggression. The venue pulsated with energy as fans, caught in the grip of the music, unleashed their primal instincts in a relentless mosh pit that raged on for six relentless hours.

SpiritWorld, the self-proclaimed pioneers of “death western” metal, kicked off the night with their single “Comancheria,” an instantly catchy track that blended rock ‘n’ roll vibes with a hardcore-infused heaviness. With a gravelly vocal bark and an elbow-swinging rhythm, SpiritWorld left their mark, infusing their performance with a bit of dusty road flair. Normally you wouldn’t put country and thrash in the same world, but after catching SpiritWorld you might.



Stu Folsom – Vocals

Randy Moore – Guitar

Matt Schrum – Guitar

Preston Harper – Drums



SpiritWorld Setlist

1.) Comancheria
2.) Lujuria Satanica
3.) The Bringer of Light
4.) Committee of Buzzards
5.) Unholy Passages
6.) U L C E R
7.) Relic of Damnation
8.) Pagan Rhythms


Next up was Death Angel, whose vocalist Mark Osegueda worked the crowd with unwavering intensity. From the front row to the back balcony, he commanded every inch of the venue, getting everyone on their feet and shouting in unison. Their relentless onslaught of thrash metal fury shook the Danforth Music Hall to its core, leaving a lasting impression on all who bore witness.  I have been a huge Death Angel fan since I caught them at The Stone in San Francisco opening up for Slayer back in 1990 on their ACT III tour.


Death Angel

Mark Osegueda – Lead Vocals

Rob Cavestany – Guitars 

Ted Aguilar – Guitars

Will Carroll – Drums


Death Angel Setlist

1.) Lord of Hate
2.) Voracious Souls
3.) The Dream Calls for Blood
4.) The Moth
5.) Humanicide
6.) The Ultra-Violence / Thrown to the Wolves


And then came Kreator, the German thrash metal behemoths, armed with a stage design featuring a giant 3D depiction of their horror mascot “Violent Mind” towering over the stage. Miland “Mille” Petrozza, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, led the charge with his commanding presence and fierce vocals. Jürgen “Ventor” Reil’s thunderous drumming, Sami Yli-Sirniö’s blistering guitar work, and Frédéric Leclercq’s bass lines coalesced into a relentless sonic assault. With a setlist that included crowd favorites like “Pleasure to Kill,” “Hate Über Alles,” and “Violent Revolution,” Kreator unleashed an inferno of sound that left the audience breathless.



Chuck Billy – Vocals

Sami Yli-Sirniö– Guitars

Frédéric Leclercq – Bass

Jürgen “Ventor” Reil – Drums



Kreator Setlist

1.) Hate Über Alles
2.) People of the Lie
3.) Awakening of the Gods
4.) Enemy of God
5.) Betrayer
6.) Satan Is Real
7.) Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)
8.) 666 – World Divided
9.) Flag of Hate
10.) The Patriarch (Intro only)
11.) Violent Revolution
12.) Pleasure to Kill


The night was capped off by the Brazilian titans, Sepultura. Since their formation in 1984 by brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, Sepultura has been a force to be reckoned with, pioneering groove metal, thrash metal, and death metal. Their lineup may have changed over the years, but their unwavering power remains intact. Vocalist Derrick Green’s commanding presence, Andreas Kisser’s blistering guitar solos, Paulo Jr.’s thunderous basslines, and Eloy Casagrande’s relentless drumming combined to create a sonic onslaught of epic proportions.

Sepultura’s setlist was a masterclass in chaos and aggression, with songs like “Territory,” “Refuse/Resist,” and the earth-shattering anthem “Roots Bloody Roots” igniting a fire within the crowd. The energy built from one song to the next, reaching a crescendo that transcended the boundaries of the venue. The lighting, heavy with smoke and backlit effects, created a moody and toxic atmosphere, perfectly complementing the band’s explosive performance.

As the final chords of “Roots Bloody Roots” echoed through the hall, the crowd was left in a state of euphoria and exhaustion. The Klash of the Titans Tour had delivered on its promise of a bombastic evening of thrash metal mastery. Four bands, each at the top of their game, had left an indelible mark on the hearts of the fans.

The night was a testament to the enduring power of thrash metal, a genre that continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences. The Danforth Music Hall, with its impeccable acoustics, proved to be the perfect vessel for the sonic onslaught unleashed by these titans of metal.

In the end, the Klash of the Titans Tour was more than just a concert. It was a visceral experience, a cathartic release of energy and emotion. It was a testament to the enduring spirit of metal, where passion meets aggression and raw talent knows no limits. This was a night that will be remembered by all who were fortunate enough to witness it—a night where the thunderous roar of guitars and the thunderous applause of the crowd merged into a symphony of chaos and triumph.



Derrick Green – Vocals

Eloy Casagrande – Drums

Paulo Xisto Pinto Júnior – Bass

Andreas Kisser – Guitar



Sepultura Setlist

1.) Isolation
2.) Territory
3.) Means to an End
4.) Kairos
5.) Propaganda
6.) Guardians of Earth
7.) Ali
8.) Agony of Defeat
9.) Refuse/Resist
10.) Arise
11.) Ratamahatta
12.) Roots Bloody Roots










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