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The Lathums A Great Night Of Brilliant Music, At Mountford Hall Liverpool 6th March 2023.





Hot off the heels of their latest album “From Nothing To A Little Bit More”  (which by the way is a great listen) Wigan’s finest “The Lathums” started their U.K. tour at Liverpool Guild Of Students venue “Mountford Hall” 

It’s Monday at 6.45 pm a school night gig and walking on a cold night towards tonights venue past a few iconic Liverpool landmarks like The Philharmonic Hall, The Philharmonic Pub, The Everyman Theatre and Liverpool Catholic Cathedral, affectionately known as “Paddys Wigwam” by the locals, and it all seems a little quiet  but we hope that will all change once inside Mountford Hall.

Tonight’s headliners are  “The Lathums” and they are making quite a name for themselves both nationally and internationally gathering along the way a loyal and passionate following and if you have listen to them, you would know this is no surprise at all.

Once inside the venue, we are greeted by an ever-growing crowd and by the time our support band for the night “The Dream Machine” from on the Wirral on the other side of the River Mersey, come on stage it’s a pretty sizeable crowd of music lovers that greet them. This four-piece band launch straight into their set, no messing about with these guys. It’s an indie/pop assault for the ears, the vocals are edgy and authentic and they make a great impression on myself and the crowd add in  great real indie guitar riffs and solos and it’s the type of support act that makes you thinks “hell yeah I have to see this guys again” and i will!! So  get to see “The Dream Machine” when you can. Great support set guys.



It’s not long until the stage is ready for the main attraction “The Lathums” complete with potted palm plants and a couple of glitter balls.

The Lathums are an indie rock band and are often compared to, the Smiths and Arctic Monkeys. In November 2022, the band announced their second album, From Nothing to a Little Bit More. Following the announcement, “Say My Name” and “Turmoil” was released. In December 2022 “Say My Name” was named the Radio X Record of the Year

The lights dim and over the PA “The Snake” by Al Wilson is played as the band stroll onto the stage to a great reception and chants of “Lathums” ring out and fill the hall.

Lead singer Alex More looked the part in his light grey double-breasted suit and red patterned shirt. More really is a great lead man, cool, calm and has a great indie-style vocal range. We have seen these guys a few times now and they just seem to go from strength to strength.

Starting the set with the brilliant “Say My Name” from “From Nothing To A Little Bit More” album. The sound is tight and fills Mountford Hall. The chants of “Lathums, Lathums” seem to fill every gap between songs as the guys go through their set list with the sheer musical talent which they have in abundance.

Stand-out songs for us on the night have to be “Say My Name”, “I See Your Ghost” and the live debut of “Knotted Bed Of Roses”  So all in all a great Monday night out with “The Lathums” on the start of their U.K. tour.

We wish them all the very best for the rest of the tour and highly recommend you catch them in a town or city near you if you get the chance, they are well worth it!

Coming out of the venue and walking back to where we are parked it’s still cold and still quite a quiet night in Liverpool City Centre but we are filled with great tunes and warmth from a great night of brilliant music thanks to “The Lathums”



Set List

1/  Say My Name

2/ Land and Sky

3/ I See Your Ghost

4/ Fight On

5/ The Great Escape

6/ Lucky Bean

7/ Foolish Parley

8/ I Know Pt 1

9/ How Beautiful Life Can Be

10/ All My Life

11/ Circles of Faith

12/ Crying Out

13/ Rise and Fall

14/ Knotted Bed of Roses

(Live debut)

15/ Facets

16/ Sad Face Baby


17/ Struggle

18/ Artificial Screens
















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