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The Mt. Dora Music Hall Hosted The Rise Of The Decades Featuring “Lynch Mob The Final Ride” in Mt. Dora, Florida on March 21, 2024




The quiet and sleepy town of Mt. Dora, Florida got jolted into life when George Lynch and friends showed up Thursday night. Lynch Mob, has named this tour, The Rise Of Decades, Featuring Lynch Mob, “The Final Ride.” The fans hope it’s a long goodbye that lasts for years as in the case of Kiss, The Eagles, and so many other bands that their fan base won’t let fade away. The Mt. Dora Music Hall, with a capacity of an audience of 600 had most seats occupied and the crowd was ready to rock. 

The night featured, George Lynch, a 1990’s guitar hero, and his music from Lynch Mob and Dokken. Terry Ilous, previously the singer of White Snake with his band XYZ. Up coming star Brett Carlisle, the current vocalist of White Snake with his band of uber-talented musicians in AON (All Or Nothing). This was a showcase of new and experienced performers sharing the stage with a few wonderful surprises throughout the night.

To start the show, Nashville, Tennessee’s Music City Stones, a Rolling Stones tribute band,  graced the stage at 7:00 pm and the night’s entertainment was off to a good start. Music City Stones played all the top covers of the Rolling Stones, and lead singer Louis Lee Napolitano had the Mick Jagger struts and mannerisms down, as he was definitely running the program on the stage. Their 10-song set seemed to fly by without hardly taking a breath and Napolitano kept the show rolling.

This was the first time I had seen a Rolling Stone tribute band and it was entertaining and they did a great job.



Louis Lee Napolitano – Vocals 

Dean Tomasek – Bass

Tim Clo – Drums

Tobin Dale – Guitar

Schylar Shoates – Guitar





1. Jumpin’ Jack Flash

2. Tou Got Me Rocking

3. Under My Thumb

4. Paint It Black

5. Honky Tonk Women

6. Brown Sugar

7. Start Me Up

8. You Can’t Always Get What You Want

9. It’s Only Rock N Roll

10. Satisfaction


The stage was turned over quickly, within 15 minutes actually as the back screen used for video during the Music City Stones show, now had a clock counting down which helped the crowd know how much time they had to use the restroom, get a beverage, or smoke if they wished before settling in for the next band. After the countdown, the video wall started a new series of images to welcome AON onto the stage.

AON, or All Or Nothing, was a shot in the arm of youth to this bill, and the Lynch Mob fans enjoyed seeing what the future holds for rock and roll. Four extremely talented young rockers which includes vocalist Brett Carlisle, who took over as the lead singer for Great White two years ago, making him the youngest musician in that band by decades. Carlisle has a special voice and it was a pleasure to listen and see him perform in this intimate theater setting with the high-energy of the AON band.

Flying long blonde hair, heavy riffs, and great vocals, is the recipe for any great metal hair band, but man these guys can play and it was just the beginning of their stage presence throughout the evening.



Brett Carlisle – Vocals

Ian Smith (The King) – Bass

Skylar McCain – Drums

Jacob Mann – Guitar





1.Intro Video Wall

2. One Big Party

3. Mauled By Jackalopes

4. Keep Up

5. Big Deal

6. Remember Who You Are

7. Becoming One Like Rain

8. Whiter Than Snow

9. Escape

10. Benjamin Franklin


Again, the countdown started at 15 minutes on the video wall at the back of the stage, and to the second, the visual show changes to introduce Terry Ilous and XYZ, the musicians were the same as the previous band AON, but without Carlisle. Terry Ilous also fronted Great White from 2011-2018 giving him a brotherhood with Brett Carlisle, so I guess it is appropriate to exchange vocalists.

XYZ was founded in 1986 as the unofficial house band at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood, California. They disbanded in 1992 and then reformed in 2002. No other members of the band, other than Ilous were present in Dt. Dora, but the guys from AON filled in very nicely. The mix of youth and experience was wonderful and in tune with the night’s theme, A Rise Of The Decades.

Ilous shared anecdotes of his touring past, and I am sure the stories were older than the members of AON playing behind him. Terry is a professional and a great performer, his vocals still hit the high octaves and I loved the set.



Terry Ilous – Vocals

Ian Smith (The King) – Bass

Skylar McCain – Drums

Jacob Mann – Guitar





1.Intro Video Wall

2. Maggy

3. Come On and Love Me

4. Take What You Can

5. What Keeps Me Loving You

6. Nice Day To Die

7. Don’t Say No

8. Face Down In The Gutter

9. Inside Out


Lynch Mob was formed when George Lynch’s former band Dokken disbanded in 1989. George rejoined with Don Dokken from 1994 to 1997 before resurrecting Lynch Mob. The band’s ever-changing lineup spanned over the last 35 years with over thirty members. Lynch Mob’s current lineup has been together since 2022, with the one constant over the years being George Lynch. Ranked in the top ten all-time top metal guitarists by Gibson Guitars, George Lynch is known for his unique playing style and sound. Lynch’s presence at this show is what sold the tickets for the event. 

Opening their set with “21st Century Man” off the album Smoke and Mirrors released in 2009, got the night off to a roaring start. The setlist covered five decades of Lynch Mob’s music and George’s career. Thus again repeating the theme of the tour, The Rise Of Decades.

Gabriel Colon held down the vocals with a strong pitch and tone. The rhythm section of Jaron Gulino on bass, and Jimmy D’Anda on drums steered the band through the nine-song set with George Lynch, the guitar virtuoso just ripping on his six-string. The band played a tight set and the crowd obviously wanted more as they cheered and clapped while standing on their feet. But, George had another idea and the audience would get one more set with variations of the night’s bands on stage together.



George Lynch – Guitars

Jimmy D’Anda – Drums

Gabriel Colon – Vocals

Jaron Gulino – Bass





1.21st Century Man  (2009)

2. River of Love  (1990)

3. Street Fighting Man  (1990)

4. No Good  (1992)

5. Paris Is Burning  (2005)

6. Slow Drag  (2014)

7. The Synner  (2023)

8. Unchain The Night  (Dokken 1985)

9. Wicked Sensation  (1990)


The night was at such a crescendo it appeared to be over, but to the delight of the audience, George came back out, with the three band members of AON and vocalist Terry Ilous of XYZ. Now everyone on stage was having the time of their lives and you could see it on everyone’s faces. The audience hadn’t ever settled into their seats all night as they had been dancing and singing along with the music and were ecstatic. Six Dokken songs were up next to finish the program to everyone’s delight. After the fourth song “Into The Fire,” Brett Carlisle came out to join the fun and he and Ilous sang the last two songs of the night together. There didn’t need to be an encore as it was after 11:00 pm and I think the audience was musically fulfilled and exhausted.

The band Lynch Mob had been shelved from 2020 to 2022 probably due to the crazy “Woke Mob” sweeping the country at that time. But, with over 32 members being a part of the band, I would say this gaggle of musical talent has appropriately labeled a mob as it fits, and it’s catchy.

The other moniker of the tour is “The Final Ride” which implies the end of Lynch Mob. That would be a shame as I believe new fans were born at this show. Please say it isn’t so George!




Dokken Setlist:

1.It’s Not Love

2. The Hunter

3. You Just Got Lucky

4. Into The Fire

Brett Joins Terry On Stage

5. Dead Or Alive

6. Alone Again







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