jakub | February 25, 2024

Utter and Complete Electronic Debauchery With Excision

Written by guest contributor: Bryan Kendall- Excision @ Revel Entertainment Center; 02/19+20/24

All photos by Nick Apostalon

I am not normally the type of EDM listener who enjoys the hardest of the hard. My listening preferences lay almost exclusively in the feel-good hippie trippy vibration domain with the occasional cold drop that leaves me gasping for air. This said, going to an Excision show felt a bit out of my element yet was easily justified given his iconic and veteran artist status. I do not regret my decision to attend in the slightest.

First, the venue. Parking was abundant and allowed for a short walk to a small line for entry. Security is always an anxiety-inducing experience for me yet staff at Revel were friendly and orderly. I felt as though they were doing their job: keeping people safe while very much understanding people are there to have a good time. The stage itself is perfectly sized for a large act and has ample infrastructure for such a massive production. Revel is the best venue in Albuquerque for EDM shows in my opinion given its open floor plan, size, and layout.

Second, the artists. Ivory, Itsdrinkurwater, LAYZ, and Wooli put on quite the opening, leading the audience through a tailored experience to build up energy for the main event. Ivory was a great introduction to the space with the most laid-back set of the night that was still hard. Itsdrinkurwater followed with some good abrasive wubs and an important message. Wooli and LAYZ ramped up the crowd full of energy during their very intense sets. Finally, and for lack of a better term, Excision went STOOPID! Overwhelming and creative visuals synced with an impressive array of stage lighting along with enough lasers to make a lion swim, left me in awe while experiencing some of the hardest tunes I have ever witnessed in person. Holy wow, and lasers.

Third, the crowd. It is always a gamble going to a show in Albuquerque, especially when the vibe is semi-dark. Aside from a few wild folks, I felt overwhelming peace and love amongst the curated chaos. Fellow attendees were for the most part very kind and understanding, even when trying to move up closer to the front. People were VIBING and banging their heads profusely. I felt at home in a community of fellow EDM lovers, yet with a hard twist! Excision came through and showed why he is one of the greats. He also managed to do so two nights in a row with completely different sets. All in all, would I go again? Maybe. Yet as with many things in life, I would advise doing them at least once for the intrinsic value of the experience itself. Check out the rest of the photos HERE!

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