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Wage War and Nothing More Finish Out Their “North American Tour” at the Old National Centre in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 17th, 2024



On May 17th, metalcore band Wage War and alternative metal band Nothing More brought their co-headlining North American Tour to the Old National Centre in Indianapolis, IN, with support from Veil of Maya and Sleep Theory. Being the final night of the tour made each performance a little bittersweet, but the high energy from each band brought the mood right back up.

Opening the night was Sleep Theory, a rock band from Memphis, TN. Despite being relatively new to the scene, their captivating stage presence immediately grabbed the crowd’s attention. Vocalist Cullen Moore also continually encouraged the crowd to participate in the music, which led to lots of jumping and headbanging, and for those who were familiar with the songs, singing.

Unfortunately, they seemed to be having many technical issues with the in-ear monitors during the first couple of songs, but they still managed to play the songs with excellent technique. In fact, if you weren’t paying close attention, you wouldn’t have even noticed there was an issue. This was my second time seeing Sleep Theory, and they’ve consistently put on an excellent show with solid sound mixing and dynamic movements. Vocalist Cullen Moore was especially captivating with his smooth vocals that sounded just as strong live as they did on the record. Sleep Theory’s set was a great start to the show.


Sleep Theory: 

Cullen Moore – Vocals

Paolo Vergara – Bass

Daniel Pruitt – Guitar

Ben Pruitt – Drums



Set List:


2). Enough

3). Paralyzed

4). Gone or Staying

5). Stuck in My Head

6). Numb


Next up was Veil of Maya, a metalcore band from Chicago, IL. I was least familiar with this band, but their performance was absorbing in its intensity. The eight songs they played were enhanced by an intense light show, heavy vocals, and hard instrumentals that helped the energy already established in the room continue to increase. Their eight-song setlist included mostly heavy songs, but those that did include cleaner vocals and lighter instrumentals still packed just as much punch.

The mix of both was well done, with the unclean vocals emphasizing the harder songs, while the clean vocals helped to showcase the emotions Veil Of Maya were trying to convey with their music. The entirety of their set was filled with non-stop energy the band members ran back and forth across the stage, with guitarist Marc Okubo and bassist Danny Hauser spinning about. By the time they finished, the crowd was completely warmed up and ready for more.


Veil of Maya:

Lukas Magyar – Vocals

Marc Okubo – Guitar

Sam Applebaum – Drums

Danny Hauser – Bass



Set List:

1). Tokyo Chainsaw

2). Artificial Dose

3). Godhead

4). Viscera

5). Outrun

6). Outsider

7). Red Fur

8). Mikasa


The first of the co-headliners to perform was Nothing More, who dazzled the crowd with a high-energy performance that had the whole room moving around from start to finish. Vocalist Jonny Hawkins proved himself to be a master showman, effortlessly engaging the audience throughout the set and interacting with them during and between songs. Likewise, guitarist Mark Vollelunga and bassist Daniel Oliver made sure to keep eye contact with their fans, while also hyping them up with dynamic gestures and lots of movement. A highlight of Nothing More’s set was during the song “Let’s Go To War,” when Jonny had half the crowd sing one lyric of the song, and then the other half sing another lyric. Everyone went back and forth until the room was filled with the voices of the audience members. The whole interaction injected a sense of camaraderie and fun into the atmosphere.

Another standout moment occurred during the band’s third song when Daniel boldly jumped off the stage and onto the barricade, where he continued to play his bass, face-to-face with the fans. Daniel’s impressive skills, utilizing both pick and fingers on a five-string bass, added depth and complexity to the already compelling music.

The intricate lighting design Nothing More displayed during their set really enhanced the whole experience, creating a visually stunning backdrop for the band’s dynamic performance. Lighting is always an important part of a stage show, and not only was the lighting technically and visually pleasing, but it also fit the band and their songs aesthetically, too. Moreover, the percussive elements of the show were nothing short of impressive, showcasing the band’s musical prowess as all members of the band played their hand at the drums at least once during the set.

To everyone’s shock and delight, Jonny, Mark, and Daniel all descended the stage during the final song to stand on the barricades, bringing the music directly to their fans. The crowd went wild as the three played in front of them. 

Nothing More’s performance was as visually striking as it was musically exhilarating, leaving the audience buzzing with excitement and anticipation as they awaited the final band of the night.


Nothing More:

Jonny Hawkins – Vocals

Mark Vollelunga – Guitar

Daniel Oliver – Bass

Ben Anderson – Drums



Set List:

1). If It Doesn’t Hurt

2). Let ’em Burn

3). Don’t Stop

4). Angel Song

5). Go to War

6). Tired of Winning

7). House on Sand

8). Jenny

9). Fadein/Fadeout

10). Ocean Floor

11). This Is the Time (Ballast)


Finally, it was time for Wage War to take the stage. This being my fourth time seeing them, I knew I was in for an energetic show, but that still didn’t prepare me for the wave of crowd surfers that came almost as soon as the band began their first song, “Stitch.” The band’s energy matched the crowd’s as guitarists Cody Quistad and Seth Blake shredded on their instruments with raw energy as vocalist Briton Bond moved back and forth across the stage, captivating the audience with his commanding presence. Briton’s manner on stage is a fascinating one to watch. He made for an imposing figure that was impossible to look away from as he moved around, his heavy and powerful vocals emphasizing the unbridled emotion in the songs. 

Perfectly complimenting Briton’s hard-hitting vocals was Cody Quistad with clean and melodic vocals. On their own, the two are powerhouse vocalists with an excellent range and impressive tones, but when combined, they become a force to be reckoned with. In fact, many of Wage War’s songs include deep meanings behind them, and with Cody’s expert inflection mixed in with Briton’s guttural screams, it creates a passionate performance of the music. 

While Wage War played several of their older songs, they also excited fans by playing their three newest releases, “Nail5,” “Magnetic,” and “Tombstone,” which will all be on their upcoming album, STIGMA. “Tombstone” had just been released two days prior to the show, so I hadn’t had the chance to listen to it yet. Hearing it live the first time was amazing. The addition of these new songs not only complemented their existing repertoire but also hinted at an exciting direction for their upcoming album. These tracks showcased the band’s evolution, demonstrating their willingness to push boundaries and explore new sounds while staying true to their strengths. I’m excited to see what’s next for them. 

The climax of the night came when Wage War closed their set with the perfectly chosen “Manic.” The chaos in the room was infectious as everyone erupted into a frenzy of headbanging and crowd surfing.

The whole night was filled with insane energy, and every band managed to captivate the crowd. I’m glad I had the opportunity to go see this show. 


Wage War:

Briton Bond – Vocals

Cody Quistad – Guitar/Vocals

Seth Blake – Guitar

Chris Gaylord – Bass

Stephen Kluesener – Drums



Set List:

1). Stitch

2). Low

3). Gravity

4). High Horse

5). Godspeed


7). Prison

8). Teeth

9). The River

10). Tombstone

11). True Colors

12). Death Roll

13). NAIL5

14). Circle the Drain

15). Manic






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