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Warren Zeiders played to a SOLDOUT crowd at Emo’s Austin in Austin, Texas February 22, 2024



Warren Zeiders played at a sold-out show at Emo’s Austin in Austin, Texas. Clayton Mullen and the band got the show started around 8:00 pm. They hit the stage, playing the song “Whiskey On It.” Mullen started playing shows while he was a student at Texas Christian University, opening up for Texas Music artists like Corey Kent, Randall King, and the Josh Abbott Band. His voice reminds me of the lead singer from Eli Young‘s band, Mike Eli. Mullen and his band played all originals on their 10-song set. The band finished their last song, “South Of Forever,” and thanked the crowd for listening and hanging out with them in Austin.



Clayton Mullen Setlist:

1.) Whiskey On It

2.) Bigger in Texas

3.) Like That

4.) Good Trucks Rust

5.) You Me + Country Song

6.) Maker’s Mark

7.)  Where the Time Goes

8.) Rainin In Dallas

9.) Heart Don’t Break Itself

10.) South of Forever   


Around 9:15 pm, it was time for Warren to take the stage. And did he ever. Zeiders and the band came on stage like a wrecking ball with energy, fueled by the excitement and anticipation of the crowd. He started with his song “Up To No Good.” Of course, the crowd, primarily female, enjoyed all the dancing and flirting with the crowd.

Zeiders became popular on social media, posting covers of popular songs. He then started posting original songs, which led him to sign with Warner Records. 

Now, with a guitar in hand, Zeiders and the rest of his band started playing original songs such as “Dark Night,” “Coming Down High,” “West Texas Weather,” and “Tell Me Like It Is.” The crowd was eating up every word of their songs.

Eventually, they covered a few rock classics like Metallica‘s “Enter Sandman” and Alice and Chain’s “Man In A Box.” They also covered Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man.” I’m very particular about this song; many bands try to cover it and don’t do it justice. Warren Zeiders and his band nailed it—one of my favorite songs of the night.

As they were winding down on their set’s final songs, they played my favorite songs, “Sing So Sweet” and “Pretty Little Poison.” I discovered both songs on social media, which made me want to cover and photograph a Warren Zeiders show. Great time and great music.



Warren Zeiders Setlist:

1.) Up To No Good

2.) Dark Night

3.) Coming Down High

4.) West Texas Weather

5.) Tell Me Like It Is

6.) Pain Killer

7.) Heartbreaker

8.) Happy Hurts

9.) Outskirts of Heaven/Simple Man (Cover)

10.) Weeping Willow

11.)Never Look Back

12.) Sin So Sweet

13.) Pretty Little Poison

14.) Burn It Down

15.) Enter Sandman/Man In The Box (covers)

16.) Ride The Lightning





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