jakub | March 22, 2024

Watch Cardi B respond after fans make her sing Beyoncé’s ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ over and over

Cardi B ended up singing Beyoncé’s ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ over and over on a TikTok livestream, eventually pleading with fans to make it stop.

During livestreams on the app, fans can send silly filters to creators while they’re streaming and a clip from Cardi’s latest stream shows her with her face covered by a cowboy hat and moustache. Every time someone pressed on that filter, she sang the “This ain’t Texas” hook from ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ in a Southern accent, but eventually had to tell the viewers to stop pressing the button.

“Alright stop, dead ass,” she said. “Stop right now.”

It appeared that Cardi had been doing her own version of TikTok’s ‘NPC’ trend, in which creators act as if they are non-playable video game characters, spitting out repetitive automatic responses to certain commands.

‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ has also been a particular success on TikTok, having also recently made Beyoncé the first Black woman to reach Number One on the US country chart with her new single ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’.

The singer released the song earlier this month when announcing her eighth studio album ‘Renaissance Act II’, which is due to arrive on March 29. She also shared the track ’16 Carriages’ from the upcoming record.

However, earlier this week Azealia Banks hit out at Beyoncé’s pivot into country music, which she branded “white women cosplay”.

It also comes after she claimed the singer is “setting herself up to be ridiculed” by venturing into the country genre.

Writing on Instagram stories, Banks first took aim at Beyoncé for the album’s title, writing: “Wow we didn’t even try to put even a little effort into a more artistic title?”

She then shared her issues with the cover and overall aesthetic of the LP, saying that she was “ashamed” at how the singer “switch[ed] from baobab trees and black parade to this literal pick me stuff.” The comments refer to the Grammy Award-winning single from The Lion King: The Gift soundtrack, which Beyoncé executive produced back in 2019.

Later, she went on to accuse Bey of “reinforcing the false rhetoric that country music is a post civil war white art form” and “subsequently reinforcing the idea that there is no racism, segregation, slavery, violence, theft, massacres, plagues, manifest destiny craziness that form the bedrock of epithets like ‘proud to be an American,’ or ‘god bless the usa.’”

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